Eily Nash

Photo on 05-01-2016 at 11.43 #2It is my pleasure to take gossamer threads of ideas and weave them into a richly coloured tapestry of words…I write from my heart about the things I love; Children’s books with the themes of love, loyalty and friendship running through them and inspired by bedtime tales told to my own darling “babies,” Jennifer and Ryan. Canine capers with Westie Angel. “The Paws” invites you, her Lovelies, to join her in ‘Secret Sharing Sessions’.When Angel achieves sudden fame, her diva dog ways get out of hand and life becomes very ‘It’s complicated’. Trusty sidekick and human, Grannie, tries in vain to contain all the mayhem caused by Angel’s mischief making! And paranormal fiction reflecting my deep interest in the numinous/spiritual realms…Indeed an eclectic mix :) Visit my Author page on AMAZON for more!

Torn from the Heart






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