Spiritual snobbery…

I’ve been engaging my grey cells and musing on bemusing things this morning. I may need to take a lay down after this synaptic storm of activity subsides! So what has caused my usually butterfly brain to alight on this particular flower, or maybe it’s just a weed with pretensions, I dunno…I’ll just type, see where it goes, you may choose to join me, you may not. You may agree, you may not. Bottom line is the choice is yours and I am just expressing my own thoughts on a rather cool Thursday in Hertfordshire before trotting out to the Dentist :)

Personally, I am a great believer in ‘Each to their Own’. It matters not to me what path someone chooses to follow, it is theirs, and theirs alone to follow. I am not walking in their shoes, nor they mine. Am I qualified to ‘call out’ any one else’s belief system, NO…how could I be? So, I ask you fellow Blogger, could another be qualified to comment on mine? Or yours? Or any one else’s for that matter. I would hazard a guess by the process of reasoning on this ‘rocket science’ level of a question, the answer may well also be a NO…

Er, well maybe not quite…Not if the person was afflicted by spiritual snobbery.

We are all born into the World unclothed. As we grow and mature our personal reality becomes shaped and formed by the filter of our own perceptions of ‘reality’, we dress ourselves with what best fits that sense of reality. Some may choose religion, some may not. Some may follow a spiritual path, some may not. Whatever the choice, we were all born the same. We are all human. And therein, for me, is the key. WE ARE HUMAN. We may seek to ascend to higher levels of consciousness, we may seek to explore the material World. Each to their own. Surely the purported ‘enlightened ones’ totally get that? So you would think….but it ain’t necessarily so…

For the sake of argument, say we are Spiritual Beings having human experiences, the key here is ‘Human’. To live, to learn, to laugh, to love. There are sorrows, joys, disappointments, achievements to be had. There is a rich variety. Life is a whole smorgabord of experiences. Along the way, per chance, we may come into the realisation that whatever one wo/man has experienced, somewhere else in the world so has another. We may find that true happiness lies within, that love and kindness can transcend all. We may find that ‘God/ess is within’. Then again, we may not. Such is the tide of humanity, it ebbs, it flows, there is duality.

If we choose to access spiritual realms does it really matter how? If for example, someone from their own personal choice decides to do so on the wings of prayer, meditation, incantation, spell weaving, gazing into space, a ride on the 98 bus or just a nice cup of tea sat in a garden? Who is to say there is anything right or wrong in any or all of those? Do any of them have any mastery over the other. I dunno, seems to me whatever route you take, if you get to where you want to be, you get there…end off…there is a lot to be learnt from journeys to any destination.

It greatly amuses me when I come across the Spiritual Snobs, I’m sure many of us have met them. Given the nature of my personal interests, I’ve met quite a few over the years. They are the ones who make assumptions. They are the ones who pontificate (at length) on their own mastery, their own lack of ego, their own Divine Connection. If they had wings they’d be flying so high above  the rest of us mere mortals that they may well be in danger of burning up in the light of their own brilliance.

Whether you chose to explore alternate realities outside of every day life, that is entirely up to you.Peronsally speaking, I have had huge benefits from meditation. If you chose to experience the  unbearable lightness of being, feel the agony of ecstasy, access a place of perfect peace, bathe in the essence of  Divine Love or just feel connected to ‘The All that is’, to the ‘Source’ that is solely your choice. However, is there any right or wrong as to how any fellow wo/man choses to reach out to something ‘more’? Is there any right or wrong if a fellow wo/man decides to keep both feet and mind firmly rooted on the Earth and chose not to bother with such things? Even if  your choice is to ascend, eventually you have to come back down to Earth, and get on with the day to day business of just living on this beautiful blue biosphere, as it slowly spins in infinite space. We are here for just a blip in ‘time’, so why waste it on trying to score points on the spiritual scoreboard? If you don’t agree/understand/like another person’s beliefs just let it be. It is their thing, not yours. Each to their own. So for those spiritual snobs, just a question, do you feel good inside when your personal belief system is challenged? And what, just what if…you are wrong

I’m off for a coffee now. I like Douwe Egberts with two cubes of brown sugar and semi skimmed milk. (I’m so precious!) That’s just how I like it. I also like flat White from Muffin Break, Cappuchino from Costa and filter coffee from John Lewis. Oh, and I also like Twinings English breakfast tea from Marks and Spencer’s too. So when you see me with a cup in my hand, don’t make assumptions as to what is in that cup. Don’t assume because I have not shared/said something I do not know or have not direct experience it. Do not assume if I have chosen to shown only a facet of me, that you have the whole picture. Do not assume that anything you perceive is of a higher spiritual value to my spiritual values actually is or isn’t. And please do not assume I have not already been any place you have too. I may, I may not. Truly it does not matter ;)

The quietest, most self depreciating people I have met in quite a long life have been those who were, in M.H.O the most spiritually aware, yet others who set themselves up as ‘Teachers’ would have done well to sit at the feet of some of their pupils.

Just because someone choses not to share direct experience of Divinity/Godhead do not assume they have no direct understanding and experience . To make such assumptions  is the worst kind of spiritual snobbery…. If you do chose to share your direct experiences, that is a wonderful thing. However, in the ‘sharing’ perhaps chose not to denigrate other pathways because it causes alienation and devalues your own beautiful spirit.

I’ll sign off with this little thought…To elevate ones own perceptions of your own spiritual reality over another wo/man’s spiritual reality is not enlightenment or spiritual maturity. It is ego run rampant and makes one no more than a ‘mean girl/boy’…

Just sayin’…

Whew I have worn myself out with all that! Now for my coffee…Thanks for reading, Eily  :)

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I love all my garden herbs, but there is one that is my absolute favourite. A long time ago we planted a small Rosemary bush. As with all the herbs, he flourished and grew…and grew…and er…grew! Maybe because he is a Fire element, a Leo ruled by the Sun. Rosemary has many special properties, love, protection, remembrance…IMG_0990As a herb sacred to the Mother Mary, legends tell that The Lady washed her cloak of blue and let it dry draped over a Rosemary bush. Touched by the honour bestowed, Rosemary changed his flowers of white to blue, so  it is no surprise to see that Her Angels frequently leave their calling cards :)

IMG_1745Here is a little extract from ‘Torn From The Heart’, where Fey Witch, Evelyn Blackmore uses Rosemary in her spell weaving. I hope you enjoy :)

….She lit a row of tall, yellow beeswax candles and set them on the bar. A welcome, warm glow lightened the gloom. The candles smelt delicately of honey and were far more pleasant than the acrid tallow burning in the back room. Then, unfastening the silver broach, she removed the heavy purple velvet cloak and hung it on a hook behind the bar. He noted she pinned the brooch back onto her dress. The candle light illuminated her body through the thin material of her dress and Adam realized that she was even more slender than he had thought. In the flowing gossamer gown, she was almost waif like. He had a sudden urge just to hold her, to protect her. There was a delicacy and vulnerability around the woman that was stirring hitherto unknown protective feelings in him.

Handing him the rich dark ale, she bent down and restocked the fire with several slim logs of the aromatic Apple wood. It didn’t take long to ignite, sending a shower of little sparks dancing up the chimney, and she seemed totally entranced by them. Evelyn was lost in a world of her own imagination where salamanders basked languorously on the logs whilst watching the sensuous dance of the fire spirits, as they weaved in and out of the golden flames. Feeling left out and wanting to re-engage with her, Adam was reluctant to leave her to her reverie and so he returned back to his unanswered question.

‘Eve, what would have happened? I mean, surely it was not all the Prince’s fault? The Princess couldn’t have been perfect, could she? I have yet to meet the woman who is!’ He added defensively. ‘There are always two sides to a story’, choosing to conveniently delete the earlier fleeting feelings of guilt, and place himself back in the role of the victim.         His words drew her out of her little reverie and Evelyn gracefully took her seat. She had something clasped in her delicate hand, which she flung on the fire. There was a sizzle as some stems of some sort of spiky looking herb landed on burning embers. Adam wondered what it was and what it was for. He raised a quizzical eyebrow.

‘Rosemary. For remembrance,’ came back the reply to his unspoken thoughts. Had she read his mind again ‘Memories can be so selective. We all experience reality through the filter of our own perceptions. Sometimes those perceptions can be skewed and the memory tainted. It does not serve us well to have false memories. It is dangerous practice to tell others untruths, it is deadly to lie to ourselves.’

Adam gave Evelyn a fleeting glance, just long enough to see her eyes were locked onto his, glowing dark and penetrating: Like a seek and destroy missile she found her target and he was unable to break her gaze. She stared inscrutably at him and Adam felt very uncomfortable. He shivered. She knew. There was just a touch of ice in her voice as she responded.

‘Well, let us change the players to another Tale, and explore that dynamic further and see if tarnished Princes can polish up their acts.’ She answered lightly.

‘The mind is prone to play tricks on us, especially with the passage of time, Adam. Things are never as they seem. We would all choose to paint ourselves as the conquering heroes in our own stories, but just how selective and treacherous can our memories be?’

He had the grace to flush crimson at her incisive words. For a small woman, she definitely packed a verbal punch. With her usual tactfulness, Evelyn averted her gaze whilst he regained his lost composure. Reaching into a little basket on the hearth, she selected a bunch of aromatic herbs. Chanting almost under her breath and quietly tying a length of yellow satin ribbon in a series of knots.

He heard fragments of her words ‘the knot of one…begun, knot of two…you, knot of three. And so ye shall see…’She finished by binding the herbs with the knotted length. The little bouquet finished, Evelyn stood up and hung it on a small nail embedded in the smoke blackened cross beam fixed into the stonework across the huge inglenook.

Puzzled Adam raised a quizzical eyebrow.

‘Lest we forget, Adam, just a little knot spell lest we forget….Rosemary for remembrance, and a touch of Mugwort for clear seeing.’

Feeling that he would need the comforting brew to soften what was to come, Adam took a deep draught of the rich dark ale and holding the pewter tankard as if it were a long lost friend he sat back and rocked, trying to soothe his troubled conscience…

© Eily Nash



Meet Comfrey, one of our larger  herbs. This sweet Lady lives right at the bottom of the garden, in the woodland area. She shares her home with giant Rhubarb and forest Ferns. I chose her (or maybe she chose me) when she was no more than the size of my palm last year and my lovely hubby planted her. As with all my many herbs Comfrey really called to me. I love her. Ruled by Saturn, her element is Water, her season Autumn and her time is the setting of the sun. She is a powerful healing and protective herb  )0(






This handsome Herb is Hyssop, isn’t he beautiful? The bees and butterflies in the garden think so too, as they just adore landing on his perfect purple petals. Ruled by Jupiter, Hyssop  is  a fire energy  so we have much in common. Hyssop is big on purification and protection. I was drawn to bring some stems indoors. As I give to my herbs, so they give to me. Blessed Be.


Hyssop on my hearth, keeping good company with Selenite and Amethyst


Trinity of my Holy Herb


Aw Thanks Angel!

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Magick Garden

How doth my magick garden grow

It’s a secret, do you want to know?

The Lady, she told it all to me

Whispering words of  alchemy

“Listen Eily , harken, listen well…

To the incantation and the spell…

Share it with those with eyes to see

those who know So Mote it Be”


goddess 3


Air ~Wand of  Spring’s fragrant Dawn

 Fire ~Candle of  Summer’s flame of Light

Water ~Cup of  Autumn’s taste of Dusk

Earth ~Pentacle of  Winter’s touch of Night



Eily Nash:

♥ Angel, my incorrigibly spoilt dog has her own blog over at  woofiliciouswords.wordpress.com A myriad of mayhem, mischief and Moi fests awaits the discerning visitor to Diva dog’s  Manhattan Penthouse ♥

Originally posted on Woofilicious Words:

In which Angel, Génie Culinaire, serves up a hot dish of revenge on a very selfish Grannie!

Hellooo My Lovelies, time for another of my Shhh…secret sharing sessions, so snuggle up and  join me on my comfy couch in my Manhattan Penthouse. We can watch the city light up with a nice chilled glass of Prosecco and a nibble of Beluga caviar on those tasty little blinis (I like them…a lot…nom, nom, nom …so don’t scoff them all! Just sayin’…)

hatMmm  don’t I  and look rather fetching, even though I am suffering consternation :(

‘So what is causing you such constipation, Angel, too many nosh ups?’ ….Er, what’s that you are solicitously enquiring of Moi? Ew…I said ” C-o-n-s-t-e-r-n-a-t-i-o-n !!!”

I can report my consternation is all because caring Angel that I am, I have become most concerned Grannie has gone green…but not in a planet savin’ kind of way….but a…

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Did you know, My Dear?

An old photograph, faded  to grey

Your eyes are  sad, your gaze faraway

The mirror of the soul, so they say…

Mum in her favourite Hat age 22

Did you know way back in the mists of time, before the cruel ravages of age faded your beauty to grey, what you know now ?

Did you know your path would be littered with thorns to pierce your tender young heart?

Did you know that treachery would pounce like a hungry beast and excoriate the very flesh from your bones?

Did you know that those whom you loved and trusted would feed on your life blood coursing through your veins?

…Did you know, My Dear, did you?

Did you know by the Grace of God, an Angel was assigned to  walk by your side, bearing both you and your sorrow through a vale of tears on gossamer wings.

Did you know your Soul, taking flight from the very depths of Hell below would alight within the very Heart of Heaven above?

Did you know once touched by Grace, you  could bless those who caused you and others such sorrow and pain?

Did you know your Spirit was destined to be forged in a foundry of pain, so your Soul would grow and eternally walk in the Light of Love?

…Did you know, My Dear?

And if you did…Would you retrace your steps and take a different path?

…Too Many Moons have passed, and  still I wonder…



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