Candle Night

Shivering in anticipation, The Lady glided across an old flagstone floor. The approaching darkness  a welcome and soothing cloak  gratefully draped  over her unquiet Soul. Bid by Flickering Flames of Fire she drew near the Candle and took her place before her altar. Entranced she watched a Story unfold in the dancing light. Synergies of love and of lust, of passion and obsession, of hate and desire. And once more blood coursed through her veins and she blessed the life-giving fire for allowing her  to walk between two Worlds…


As Night came riding in she lit another candle. With arcane words she chanted an incantation to call her Lord to her, for she was his Lady. She conjured through the night, calling, calling. He had loved her once before the Stranger came, he would again…

And she sat. And she waited…

candle 2 2

Alas,  The Lady’s sad lament and all her entreaties were in vain. For her Lord had another by his side, who with a Siren’s Song kept him in her bed…Another, who long ago, had taken more than just her Lord…

candle 3 3

He had let the Stranger in, and with a goblet filled with the fruit of the vine and the rage of Monkshood her Lord had sent his Lady away…to Death’s dark embrace.

© Eily Nash


I love burning candles and incense. The pix were taken in my kitchen.



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About Eily Nash

With gossamer threads she works on her loom weaving rich tapestries of love, of life, and magical things...such is the art of the Word Weaver...
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  2. Linda Rae says:

    Stunning, and absolutely enchanting :)


  3. Crystal L. says:

    Beautiful! Caught you on a reblog on another blog…and I’m so glad I did!


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