In the company of Archangels


Synaxix of the Archangel Michael and the Other bodiless Powers


…Ellis crawled into the comfortable four poster bed, giving silent thanks for its sanctuary and safety.  Imagining she was giving an Oscar’s speech filled with gratitude to all  the people who had made her repose in this most agreeable of beds possible, she broke into a huge smile. Then as the image faded another hardly discernible secret smile crossed her face, recognising the world of glitz and glamour was an only an illusion and here in this land where the veil between two worlds was gossamer thin, here in this Sacred Isle of Avalon, lay the substance of Truth.

From the little lattice window she saw Sirius shining brightly and gazing upon its blue intensity Ellis found herself chanting the names of the Archangels. Softly, barely audibly at first, resting on the feather pillows and snuggled under the eiderdown in her cotton shift. The walls of her room were hung with beautiful paintings of the four Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel. Each picture placed on one of the four walls, and around each frame an astrological glyph,elemental symbol and one of the cardinal directions were engraved. As her voice grew louder in intensity, she found herself standing in the middle of the room, eyes fixed on Sirius. Her arms took on a life of their own and were raised upwards; she stood like a chalice, a cup waiting to be filled.

Each Holy name fell from her lips three times, melodiously resonating around the room….Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Jeremial, Jophiel….The vibration of the words seemed to be building an energy field around her…Michael….As the powerful tone of the mighty Archangel’s name resounded three times, deeply from within her very being the room was flooded with a ray of midnight blue light, the light from Sirius filled the space where she stood, and it seemed as if an energy vortex opened up. Ellis no longer existed in a three dimensional form, she had become pure resonance. Her voice continued to chant…Metatron, Razial, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel, Zaphael...A lightning bolt of pure white light exploded within the vortex, releasing within it a myriad of millions of multi-coloured stars and strands of light, all swirling within around and about and adding to the power o the vortex. As she finished intoning the Archangels names, Ellis became aware of a sweet overlay of pure sound, the lights were full of this exquisite toning, and conversely the vibration of the toning created more colour and light.

She felt as if she existed outside time and space, she was part of and the whole sequence of the beautiful light and sounds show. The star light entered the top of the vortex and Ellis felt herself pulled almost magnetically at what felt like supersonic speed out of the swirling mass of colour and light. Then stillness, and she saw laid out before her the midnight canvass of deep space, with the Earth slowly rotating, held in the soft and inky blackness. Ellis was aware of a subtle shift in vibration and watched the colours energetic resonance from within the vortex erupt and spill all over the Earth, now changing to a multitude of greens, vervian, fern, forest, moss, pine, teal, celadon, jade and emerald all different all one. With the change of colour the toning became more musical, a soft healing sound. Without knowing how Ellis became aware of seeing the whole of the Earth from outside the planet. She became suffused with a sense of deep healing energy wrapping the Earth, and all that was in, on and of the planet, all of mankind, the creatures of the air, earth and waters, she saw the healing enter into the hearts minds and souls of men.

The beautiful healing energy levels intensified and Ellis watched as the mighty Archangel Raphael, appeared his arms outstretched, palms directed towards the whole world, as the myriad green lights pulsated in an eternal flow from his beautiful hands. The healing went deep into Mother Earth, touching all her geography and geology, the rocks, minerals and crystals, her deserts, forests and polar ice caps. Ellis then saw the healing energies touch all that was unseen on the Earth, the living life forms of the elemental kingdoms, those creatures that existed on a different energetic plane to the humans, creatures of the pure elements of fire, air, earth, water and ether. The healing continued to pulse and grow, finally touching those spirits who were lost and trapped in time, discarnate beings walking between two worlds. The shades of green had merged into one and from within the now purely emerald healing ray many beautiful beings of pure light, angels of the Lord, had descended and were reaching out to the lost souls, willing them to accept the healing rays and return Home wrapped in their love and light and protection. She saw some step into their Angel’s arms, whilst others too immersed in their own illusion of separateness and darkness were unable as yet to see the light.

As Ellis’ consciousness observed all of this unfold she felt a deep connection with the healing energy, and understood that the planet was not just a random object orbiting in a space created out of nothingness and chaos, that the Earth was part of the fabric of the Universe of God’s holy creation, and no matter how much harm mankind wrecked on himself and the planet, there was a Higher Source constantly at work, picking up after the damage caused by Source’s unruly children.

A blinding flash suffused Ellis and with this new understanding Ellis became aware once more of being in her body, her consciousness poured back into the organic matter that was her vehicle for negotiating life on the Earth plane. Somehow she understood, as never before, the importance of looking after her mind, body and spirit, for she had work to do and it was her responsibility to protect herself from all that was harmful, abusive and of a low vibration. With knowledge came the understanding of the spiritual law of discernment, and the words from Christ Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount: “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.”

Finding herself back in her warm bed, starring up at Sirus twinkling in the night sky. She stared at her hands and then held them up to the Starlight, unwilling to detach from the all connectedness of being in the mighty Archangels presence. In that moment a beautiful ray of pre crystalline emerald light emanated from Sirius and shone directly into the room and into her upturned palms, She felt the emerald light enter her body and suffuse the whole of her being with a peace and love she had never experienced before, a feeling of absolute, peace and serenity filled her heart and she felt her heart open and expand in love for the beautiful Archangel who was filling her with the light of his celestial essence.

‘You are a healer, and are called to Service for the greater good, accept My Emerald healing ray for you now know how to wisely use this gift’.

Ellis fell back into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Sunlight streaming through the little lattice window awoke her, and as she greeted the new day she started wondering if the events the night before had been another strange Glastonbury dream, yet she felt different, something inside had shifted. Feeling energised and totally alive she emerged from her bed, throwing back the cosy eiderdown there was a slight thud as something clattered to the floor from the fold of her nightshift. Ellis scrabbled under the bedstead to see what it was. Her hand tightened around something hard and cold. Opening her fingers to see what lay within Ellis gasped, in the palm of her hand lay a beautiful emerald coloured heart shaped crystal . Smiling she turned to the painting of Archangel Raphael and bowed her head in silent gratitude.

© Eily Nash 2012 from my book ‘Wychwood’






Magic power of a wishing flower


From a field in Glastonbury

Sweet Dandelion
Do you wait patiently for me
To come along and set you free
I’ve heard plenty an aged tale told
Of the magic a Dandelion holds.
Is that so little wishing flower?
Do you have such magic power?

I bid of thee, fly free, Blessed Be.
Bring my heart’s desire back to me!
Scatter through the fields and trees
Soft starburst on the gentle breeze
Treasured seed falls to Mother Earth
Within each one the promise of rebirth

…And so the dance of life goes on…


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Anam Cara


Van Gogh-Starry Night courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I know the woman in this tale.  People tell me things, usually the things that are causing them pain or distress; emotional, mental, physical…sometimes all three combined. I listen, it is what I do. Sometimes a gentle word helps, others require a lengthy discourse and wise counsel.For some words simply are not enough and wrapping them in the soft and gentle wings of understanding, filled with a heartfelt prayer to God, gives comfort. Some know where they are going and some are lost and need a little guidance to find their way again. That is when I will walk by their side, sometimes for a little while and sometimes  for a lifetime. Such is the role of the Anam Cara.

Come sit by my side and I shall share Evelyn’s tale with you.

Evelyn was a long way from home, she had travelled a great distance. The road had not always been smooth or straight as she sought her destination. There were many nights she had stood out in the darkness of the world and gazed at the night sky. Beguiled by the blanket of heavenly stars, she longed for home. Home was not of this place, it was somewhere so very far away, it was somewhere above, but she knew not where. She knew her heart ached and longed for home and she had faced many obstacles just to get this far. Along the way she encountered many people, some were kind, some were not. Some shone with an inner light, some emanated darkness. Some saw the beauty of the World, some did not.Finally the road had begun to smooth out and Evelyn decided to travel by day. By the bright light of the Sun she saw the Earth was clothed in beauty and nature was bountiful. And she longed to know more of this place on her long journey home…

In the darkness of night a  voice spoke to Evelyn and directed her to go a Holy place, the ancient isle of Avalon where she would meet a Guide who would accompany her on her journey. She heeded and went. At the shores of a great lake a small barge awaited. Evelyn stepped aboard the barge of Avalon and wrapping a cloak of purple velvet around her body, she reclined gratefully upon damask cushions. By moonlight the barge set off, the rise and fall of oars creating gentle ripples on the cold water. Shyly Evelyn regarded her boatman. He was radiant and golden with cobalt blue eyes. He wore the robes of a Holy man and had appeared to her in her dreams. The boatman rowed in silence. No words were required as this was not a meeting with a stranger. At the foot of the Tor they alighted. Ground mist swelled around their feet and they made the ascent to St Michael’s Tower so high above. Tired, yet happy at having come so far, Evelyn fell to her knees in gratitude. With oil of Chrism he anointed her forehead and they prayed to God.

She called him Peter, but did not truly know if this was his name…Neither did she know if he were an Angel of the Lord or just a figment of her imagination. Yet before they descended from the Holy Tower, he told her things, things she did not know, things she could not possibly know. He told her what was hidden within the depths of the hearts and minds of men and how she should see these things and understand how to heal the hurt within a human heart. He told her the sparks of Light she saw with her naked eye were Angels who walked by her side.

With each step Evelyn took with Peter on the long path home she began to see what was ‘As above’ was indeed ‘As below’. She came to understand ‘As within, So without’ was the way of this place. The majesty and beauty of the celestial jewels and the heart of Heaven she longed to be part of were just a whisper away, and were at one with and reflected in the Soul of the Earth. With Peter by her side, she now continued her journey with eyes to see and ears to hear for he had shown her, with Grace, that there was so much more to see and so much more to be

One day Evelyn awoke from a deep sleep.All around her was a deep black nothingness. This was not the darkness of night. It was the Void. At first she was afraid, but Peter was by her side, although she felt his presence she could not see his Light. Gently he soothed her, explaining the Void was a place for her to rest, for the journey had indeed been very hard. Peter’s gentle essence bathed her in understanding. Within the void, all possibilities and realities began to take shape and form. A gentle hum began to resonate within the very core of her being. The hum grew in intensity. She listened intently with an inner ear and heard the Word, and the Word was ‘Om’. Evelyn began to chant ‘Om’ and as her very Being began to vibrate, a Light with the power and intensity of a 1000 cosmic Suns exploded within her. In that moment Evelyn knew that she too was part of the fabric of heaven. She understood that the Word that created the Moon, the Sun, planets and Stars had created her too.

She had reached her journey’s end. Evelyn had found her way home, it was not in some far distant place, it was within her own heart. It was my pleasure to have been her Guide on her long, circular route back to where she had begun…

Thank you for joining Evelyn and I, may you too be blessed to find your way.

Respectfully yours,












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Magical Honeysuckle growing in my English country Garden

Sleep thou, and I will wind thee in my arms.

Fairies, be gone, and be all ways away.

So doth the woodbine the sweet honeysuckle

Gently entwist. The female ivy so

Enrings the barky fingers of the elm.

Oh, how I love thee! How I dote on thee!

~So speaks Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream~

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Lily Flame


Gorgeous Lilies, kissed by the touch of morning rain, living in my English country garden🙂

Lady Lily Flame

My Lady,  My Love, My Lily Flame

Do you wear a sullied cloak of shame

Has purity and innocence taken flight

To the beguiling dark embrace of Night

Nyx and Erebus, alluring, starless charms

Mists enticing you into seductive arms

My Lady, My Love, My Lily Flame

Guileless innocence, without blame

Deny the Ferryman his Stygian fee

From Thanatos tenebrous domain flee

By  flames of Winter burning bright

Take safe passage through the  night

My Lady, My Love, My Lily Flame

Capricious gods may play Night’s game

Gates of the rising sun light the way

To sanctuary of Hemera’s breaking day

Purified by the kiss of the  Morning Dew

Absolution and Benediction fall on you

~Eily Nash 2015

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I met this beautiful tree one Summer evening in Glastonbury

Ellis was aware that the sun was hanging low in the sky and would be setting shortly, and she would need to make haste if she were to avoid the impending gloom that would descend once the golden Orb had disappeared into the horizon.

As the overgrown dirt track meandered downhill, her eyes were fixed upon where she was going, to avoid stumbling on the loose pebbles. Sidestepping one of the many offerings left by an equine traveller that preceded her on the ramble, Ellis looked up as a glint of light caught the corner of her eye. Stopping in her tracks she became aware of a perfect circle of chestnut trees as she watched the sunlight dappling golden light on the rich green leaves. The branches slowly swayed to the music of a gentle breeze, leaves quivering and dancing to the soft low hum of the wind. Golden light twinkling and sparkling on the rich verdant leaves and the deep brown fruit that littered the floor, cracked open from their protective spikey casings.

Gently stepping over the fallen fruit Ellis answered their invitation and stepped within the circle of trees, noting by the girth of their trunks and the strength of the long outstretched branches, that these were indeed Grand Dames of the woodland, very old and very wise, gnarled and knotted yet strong, proud and beautiful. Their outstretched limbs intertwining and interconnecting with each other, embracing each other in an intricate lattice work of wood which seemed to grow tighter and more close knit as Ellis moved to the centre.

‘Ah the circle is cast!’

And as she stepped within their protective conclave she became aware of a quiet communication, first between the whispers of the wind, and then between each sister tree, and then with herself. With a jolt she realised that the trees were speaking not only to each other, but to her, to Ellis! They were imbuing her with a sense of themselves, of what it felt like to have roots that sank deep down into the verdant rich dark soil, their root systems mirroring the branches above, all interconnected and intertwined. Ellis felt tingle in the soles of her feet and with a start realised that she had sunk ankle deep into the earth, but she did not feel any fear, just an awareness that her toes; the bones and nervous system and veins seemed to be growing and extending beyond the confines of her flesh. She was growing roots. Roots that meandered through the earth, touching, connecting, wrapping around those of the trees that surrounded her, and it felt good. Ellis raised her arms up high in sheer joy, and once again the tingle, and her fingers seemed to elongate, the flesh, veins, bones, nervous systems stretching, stretching up to the tall branches, connecting, weaving, latticing into those of her sisters around her, for now Ellis felt at one in the circle of the Horse Chestnut sisters.

Above her upturned face the sun in a final swan song burst through the density of the leaves, bathing Ellis in a golden light and it felt so good to pull the light of the sun into her body, she felt it travel through her limbs and trunk. As the sun sank on the horizon she became aware that all was momentarily dark, and from the blackness of this void a light appeared, whirling before her eyes, as its motion slowed to a standstill, there hanging in the nothingness was a perfect golden hexagon. And within the six points of the star, a silver tree was transposed with it’s branches perfectly fitting the 3 upper points of the star, and its root system stretched out in symmetry over the lower 3 points of the star. With a blinding flash of light in the centre of her brain  the symbol was absorbed through her crown chakra and the words ‘As Above, So Below’ reverberated through her and in that moment Ellis knew the cosmic synergy of heaven and Earth and the importance of the trees as fully sentient beings upon the Earth, working in Divine Service of Source.

Then she fell into the  nothingness of the void where all potentiality resides.

The loud chattering of the birds stirred her to her senses, and Ellis was surprised to see the Sun was rising, no doubt awoken from her slumber by the sweet call of the birdsong. She was lying curled up on a carpet of springy moss and sweet smelling chamomile under the protection of one of the huge Chestnut trees. Stirring to remember how she had come to be here, a whirl of thoughts flooded her mind and senses…feelings of being one with the trees, of having roots that stretched deep down into Gaia’s warmth and received sustenance and grounding. She now knew the feeling of having strong branches that stretched heavenwards, and felt the warmth of the sun bringing life giving energy down through her body, she recalled the feelings of the pure pleasure of having beautiful leaves and bearing flowers and fruit that in turn delighted and nourished, of the shelter she gave to the birds of the air, the insects and creatures of the forest, and playground for the  nymphs, satyrs and dryads. She delighted in the heavenly delight of being of service to the unbearable Light of Source and beloved Mother Gaia by providing oxygen on beautiful Planet Earth.

As Ellis stood and stretched, she noticed a young sapling by the strongest and oldest tree. From one of it’s tender young branches a glint caught Ellis’ eye. Stretching out her hand, she felt a familiar tingle and there in her palm was a perfect golden six pointed star pendant on which a tree was wrought in silver. And the young tree seemed to whisper on the wind…

‘My gift to you, Mother…’

As Above , So Below.

© Eily Nash 2012 ~From Wychwood


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Moi goes Noir!

O’er I am feeling a tad pleased with myself, My Lovelies!

“Indeed, Angel, and just why would that be?” I hear you ask “Is it because you are such a clever little Pupster and your paws have penned such woofiliciously good books?

Hmm…Yes that is one reason to be pleased, but it isn’t that!

“Oh, could it be that you are so cute, Grannie waits on you hand and paw?”

Well yes, of course  she does-that’s her job, and now I have my Butler James he does too… But that isn’t really a reason to be pleased, unless of course you count THEIR pleasure waiting on MOI…So, it isn’t that!

“Of course, it is because you are so beautilicious, you have all those boys chasing after you…Teddy Hot Paws and your True love Handsome Hamish in Tewin, your English country village (you told us all about them in Telling Tails) and Mason the Hollywood Hottie and Shaunessey his Intellectual brother in Manhattan (We met them in Angel in the City) …Oh and of course Krios the Royal Personage you told us all about in your gorgeous slice of chick lit, Angel Cake!

It is true that I am rather like that other famous Diva Marlena Dietrich.Can I help it if Dogs cluster to me like moths around a flame and worship at my perfect paws.. I like her you know. I like old movies, all that Noir stuff. It gave me an idea for my latest photoshoot…Moi goes Noir!!!


Visit  Angel’s blog🙂

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Kids Lit~ Maz The Marvellous Mouse


Beautiful Violetta craves excitement and when a beauty pageant is staged in her sleepy Somerset village she is determined to win the first round and go on to become ‘Queen of the World.’ With her head full of dreams, vain Violetta sets of for the bright lights of Victorian London. Forgetting all about the little Mouseling she has left behind Violetta’s heart is set on finding fame and fortune. Magdalena wakes to find Violetta has vanished in the night. Determined to find her, the little Mouseling bravely sets off in hot pursuit after her wayward Mama. Although her journey is littered with many pitfalls, perils and full of danger, taking her all the way from England’s shores to the New World, she never gives up hope. Will Magdalena find Violetta. And if she does, will vain Violetta return back home? Follow Mouseling Magdalena on an amazing adventure and find out just how with a lot of courage and a big heart she becomes ‘Maz the Marvellous Mouse’!



The lovely cover Picture of ‘Lady Mouse of the House’ © Candonyc |


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Kids Lit~Puppy Paws


School is out and B.F.F’S Jenna and Amy look forward to a happy summer with their much loved dogs Poppy and Patch. But Poppy is acting strangely and wants to be alone and Patch is moping. What could be the matter? When Jenna’s Dad, Vet Corey, confirms pups are on the way the girls are mega excited to meet and greet the little bundles of fur. The pitter patter of tiny paws causes plenty of laughter, tears and canine chaos! The threat of the adorable puppies being re-homed throws Jenna into a tailspin and she runs away. Just who will come to the rescue when Jenna finds herself in big trouble? And can Amy find a way to help her best friend and keep Poppy, Patch and their cute little family together fur-ever?

Paperback & Ebook available on Amazon🙂


The gorgeously cute “Dog In Box”

on the front cover is

© Anna Velichkovsky, Dazdraperma’s Gallery / Stockfresh


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Kids Lit~Poppy Paws & Patch


B.F.F’s Jenna and Amy do everything together and share everything together. They have vowed to be Best Friends Forever! Both girls long for a puppy to love and share. But their apartment block in London’s busy West End has a total ban on pets.
Just when their dream seems impossible, gorgeous poodle Poppy Paws comes tearing into their lives, bringing big changes with her. With an unexpected move to the countryside it looks like the girls wishes have just come true…But have they?
Everything should be just perfect in their new homes and Poppy has wrapped her perfect paws around the girls hearts and is part of the ‘Best Friends Forever’ team. Life is good until ‘bad dog’ Patch spoils things for Jenna, she becomes afraid of the thing she loves most, dogs!

With her friendships with both Amy and Poppy Paws threatened, Jenna desperately needs to overcome all her doubts and fears or risk loosing her friends.

B.F.F’S are supposed to be forever… or are they?

Paperback and Kindle Ebook available on Amazon



The delightful front cover image “Little Girl with Umberella”

© Tatig |


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Westie Books #3 ~Angel Cake

In Which Angel Is Determined To Have her Cake And Eat It!

Photo on 05-01-2016 at 11.46 (1)

Grannie  has been selfishly ignoring all my copious ‘Want, Need, Now’s!’

Grrr…and more Grrr’s…

I want to take my Morning perambulations in Central Park, but Fifth Avenue is a long way down from my incarceration in our Penthouse.

There is a  boy  I need to ‘Meet and Greet’. He’s totally Yummy and so are the mega tasty titbits in his treat bag. You can appreciate just why I’m keen to go walkies like right now. So who is he? Well snuggle up and join me in another of our “Shh…Secret Sharing Sessions” and I will tell the romantic tale of how we met, My Lovelies! But not a word to Hamish, my very jealous boyfriend back in England, he may get the wrong idea…again!

We met yesterday and I think I may be in lurve. So his name is Krios. He is so sophisticated and cosmopolitan and so dashing. Krios is a Kokoni dog from the beautiful Greek Island of Kythira in the Ionian Sea. He told me he is in the Big Apple all week, waiting for his big boat to come into New York Harbour from Athens. Oh, he must mean a luxurious ocean going liner, he must be a real billionaire! Just think of all the goodies he can buy me!  Krios told me his name means Ruler and master. Ohh, he must also be a King, or a Prince at the very least. I told him my name meant a divine and celestial being. We are a match made in heaven. Grannie said his name and mine are total misnomers, cheek! Grannie said Kokoni’s are a very common small dog in Greece and certainly did not rule anyone. Grannie is mad. The boy is obviously a royal personage travelling incognito. He has as good as told me so. I was on a photo-shoot for Vogue Magazine at the Bethesda fountain, you know the fancy one on the terrace right by the lake in Central Park, when I hear this delicious Greek accent exclaim enthusiastically,

‘The Angel, she is soooo beautiful!’

Naturally I reply, ‘Ohhh, yes I am!’ and flutter my beautilicious eyelashes, as the owner of the voice is a mega cute dog!

‘Have you been a fan of mine for long, would you like my paw print?’ I  inquired of the cute dog, as I flirted with further rather fetching eyelash fluttering.

He looked a bit bemused and confused and unbelievably asked Moi,

‘Erm…You are…???’

Grannie had come along to watch my shoot, and ensure all my want, need, now’s were promptly dealt with. Nonplussed at his ignorance, she nudged me and whispered in a very loud voice,

‘I think he was referring to her up there, not you down here!’

She pointed to The ‘Angel of the Waters’ towering over the fountain, and the cute boy only nodded his head. Can you believe it? Humphh. Is my Grannie for real? Does that boy live on Mars?

‘F.Y.I ignorant young man, I am Angel Nash, beautilicious Global Icon, Fashionista and famous Author! And all these cameras are for Moi, not some old statue!’ I sternly, yet modestly informed him.

Angel’s love life is about to get even more complicated as her misadventures continue in her latest tasty treat of a Westie book!


Angel is a diva dog who has it all, beauty, fame and a luxurious uptown life in Manhattan with her doting Grannie and Butler James attending to all her copious ‘want, need, nows!’. What more could a girl want? When Angel meets a super cute boy, who happens to be an incognito King, she realises there is something missing from her life, the royal title of H.R.H Princess Angel to be exact! When her royal suitor bestows tasty treats and offers more, Angel’s dreams of social elevation go to her head. Our girl is on a mission to nab herself a crown and a rather yummy cake. She isn’t about to let the little matter of a true love back home in England spoil her plans. But when old frenemy Kimbles the Bichon biatch arrives in New York, and a blast or two from the past reappear, life becomes “it’s complicated” and Angel finds she has more than a touch of trouble on her delectable paws. Mischief and mayhem ensue as Angel is determined to have her crown and wear it and have her cake and eat it! Join our girl on the couch in her fabulous Manhattan Penthouse as she candidly reveals all in her cosy secret sharing sessions, with you, her Lovelies!


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Westie Books # 2~Angel in the City

An_Angel_in_the_City_Cover_for_Kindle (1)

Why Hellooo My Lovelies, I thought you would like a little update on my Stateside shenanigans. But Shhh…this little sharing is top hot gossip and totally secret!

I can confirm that the city of New York continues with the Angel Love Fest. I have been winded and dined, feted and adored. I have been working so hard my paws have hardly touched the ground. All in a day’s work for a beautilicious Global Icon. You know that saying ‘All work and no play? I have a little secret. Shhh…Come closer. I shall burst if I don’t tell someone, and you, My Lovelies, are the chosen ones!

Naughty Moi,  I have been playing! Not a word to Grannie tho’ as I had to be a touch sneaky and get rid of her for quite a few hours. After all I don’t want her going back to Tewin and blabbing, gossip soon gets around our village! Not that there is too much to tell as I am so hugely considerate of others feelings, and would never put myself first and do anything that could possibly upset anyone. Also I don’t want my fur to fly when I eventually get home and my Beloved finds out about me and a little Affair De Coeur. Not, of course, there is anything much to find out, ahem… So a word to the wise, My Lovelies, ‘What happens in the Hamptons stays in Hamptons!’

You may recall the unfortunate incident when that rotten frenemy of mine, Kimbles, craftily encouraged me to have one Prosecco too many and I let spill way too much. Ohh, that girl was a total biatch snitching to my beloved Hamish about all those other boys. Thankfully I got away with it, Er, I mean, ahem…He believed me! O’er, I do hope he doesn’t take her out to dinner again, Grumph.

Anyway, moving rapidly on from Hamish and Kimbles, in all the whirlwind round of book signings, Press, P.R and Meet and Greets, I have pulled off a secret tryst in The Hamptons with the Cutest Canine!!! The fame game can get a tad overwhelming, even for one as awesome as me and a girl needs the odd diversion. So his name is Mason, he’s a Mastiff. All rippling Muscles, powerful jaw, you know the type. I met him at a TV interview. He is an actor. And his eyes…intense. Mason does a lot of those blockbuster movie thingies. I have to admit getting bored watching anything that is not a home movie of me, so I did not really know who he was. He liked that. He gets a lot of girls chasing him ‘cos of the Movie Star thing. I told him I have the same problem back in my English country village,  Tewin, what with being so beautilicious and all.

After finding out we had just sooo much in common, we arranged a sneaky date, as you do. So I am all dressed up looking totally hot, apart from having a Grannie tagging along as a totally last season accessory. Hmm, I don’t think so! I switched my brain into gear. Diversionary action was called for immediately as Mason had a Helicopter waiting on my posh hotel’s Helipad to whisk us off to his posh house in The Hamptons. Ohh, I can report that we had a delicious moonlit dinner and even more delicious smooochiieeepoo’s on his private beach. Definitely a Grannie free zone. If Grotty, Er I mean Grannie, had come along riding shotgun, she would have severely cramped my style. Also, I couldn’t trust her not to snitch. Erm, not that there was anything much to tell, but as already agreed, a word to the wise…

‘What Happens in The Hamptons, stays in The Hamptons!!!’


IMG_0235‘So Angel, pray do tell, just how did you get rid of the excess baggage?’ You may well solicitously enquire.

Snuggle up My Lovelies, I have a yummy plate of blinis topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese and Beluga caviar. We shall have a delicious glass of Verve Cliquot to wash them down. Mmm…nice isn’t it? I have lots more where that came from so sip up and I will tell all! My cunning plan went as follows…

‘Grannie, I’m thirsty.’

‘I’ll get room service immediately my poppet, what would you like, pink Champagne?’

‘Yes please Grannie. I think I deserve some Champers, don’t you?’

‘Oh indeed I do, Angelkins!’

‘But I don’t fancy pink and I checked, they don’t do what I Want, Need, Now…and I feel a little hissy fit coming on…’

‘O’er, Angel, what is it? Grannie will go and get whatever you want, anything you need, and I will do it right now. Maybe a nice Prosecco?’

‘Really Grannie, really, really, anything, anywhere???’

‘Yes Angel, My sweet Pupster.’


‘Yes, My Poppet.’

‘Well, OK Grannie, as long as it is not toooo much trouble to look after me when I am just a helpless little Pupster?’

‘Nothing is too much trouble for you, baby girl.’

‘Hmm…OK…If you really insist. Grannie I really don’t fancy Prosecco. What I really want is a little bit more upmarket. I think I deserve only the best, don’t you Grannie?’

‘Of course I do Angel, my fur-baby love.’

‘Oh good. I am glad we agree on that. So please may I have a little case of Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame. That should go down rather nicely.’

‘This is an exclusive Manhattan Hotel, are you sure Room Service can’t get it, they have got a Siberian Tiger for that Prince on the 35th Floor!!?’

‘No…You have to go over to LaGuardia ‘cos My publishers are sending it on the next flight from Paris with some Beluga caviar.’

‘O.K…that will take me some time in rush hour traffic, My Precious.’

‘Yes, yes, I know… And Er, Grannie…’

‘Yes, Angel My Love?’

‘The elevators are broke, you have to take the stairs.’

‘What, all 53 floors?’’

Grrr. It’s not like you don’t need the exercise Grannie Dearest. Just sayin’ and you should be grateful that really I am doing you huge favour by asking a teensy weensy little thing. So don’t waste time thanking me, you best get cracking.’


So she did, and so did I! Off on a totally awesome date nite with a Hollywood Hottie!

All the ramifications from my Stateside flirtations revealed in my latest Magnum Opus🙂


An_Angel_in_the_City_Cover_for_Kindle (1)

Beautilicious Angel is taking just the biggest, yummiest bite out of the Big Apple! Life is awesome for the Brit sensation now she is an uptown girl in a Manhattan Penthouse. Angel is about to find out that Fame has its price. Her ‘it’s complicated love life is just about to get even more tangled. The little Diva Dog’s clandestine date with Hollywood Hottie, Mason the Mastiff makes headlines. When she is later papped with his twin brother, intellectual Shaunessey, Angel decides she ‘cannot confirm nor deny…’ to the hungry Press pack baying for news. Back home, True Love Handsome Hamish wants answers! Angel returns to face the music, only to find arch Frenemy Kimbles, the biatch Bichon Frise is not only trying to steal her thunder but also her man! Hmm, but which one??? Things are not going Angel’s way, until she decides to unleash her secret weapon, Grannie, on her unsuspecting Frenemy! The fur is set to fly. Just who will be top dog? Snuggle up and share another scintillating secrets session with ‘The Paws!’ It’s all totally hush-hush, so peek inside, riotous Canine Capers will be revealed! Shhh…Don’t tell!

Our Pawsome Pooch is on Amazon!

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Westie Books #1~Telling Tails

From Pupster to Pawsome Author of Westie books…Meet & Greet Miss Angel Nash!

telling Tails

“…I am miffing mad! I have been unfairly accused, and misunderstood. Grrr…It is not a good idea to cross Moi! My True Love, Hamish, and that B.F nabbin’ frenemy of mine, Kimbles, should be worried! Grannie can watch out too! It is time to name and shame and my paws are on creative fire with all the tales I am going to tell!”

Angel’s love life is already ‘It’s complicated’ especially as her frenemy Kimbles is keen to get her paws on Angel’s True Love. When a gossip girl whispers in Handsome Hamish’s ear that he is not the only cute boy she has been stepping out with, the shadow of suspicion falls on Angel. Meanwhile selfish human, author Grannie, thoughtlessly decides to feature sneaky Kimbles  in one of her books, a dream Angel has longed for. It is all too much and the fur is set to fly! Canine chaos ensues when Angel takes matters into her own paws and sabotages the offending manuscript, getting Grannie fired and Angel hired by a huge New York publishing house. A riotous romp unfolds along the way to sudden fame, as our girl creates mischief and mayhem and muses on hugely important matters, namely herself!


“Telling Tails” the first of Angel’s Westie books on Amazon🙂

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