Magic of the Bluebell Wood

Searching for a touch of magic and enchantment in your day?

Just follow your heart and Mother Nature will signpost your way 🙂



Come and see for yourself, as we take a walk through the magical bluebells woods!



Each spring we visit the bluebells, they live in the woods beneath some very ancient trees.There is something quite magical about bluebell woods, you can sense the fey at play and hear the music of the tinkling blue bells dancing in the breeze.

I love to spend time here, to just be and connect with the natural world. Young saplings grow beside tall trees that have withstood all nature has thrown at them, their strong roots anchoring them deep into rich soil of Mother Earth. High in the branches the birds gather and gossip, bring news to the forest from places near and far. And with  gently rustling leaves, the trees signal their appreciation for knowledge of such things.

The trees that have stood tall through many years eventually lay down to sleep, and where once they provided shelter for birds and bats, now they are home to the beetles and bugs, providing warmth and nourishment and rich nutrients for the soil. Such is Nature’s way. Once created all things continue to exist, in one form or another. What is true of trees, is true of people too.


The old dies away and makes way for the new…

The bluebell wood is indeed a magical place where Dryads and other Elementals of the Devic kingdom live, laugh, love and play, whilst the Guardians of the forest keep a close eye, silent sentinels offering their protection.

And here they are! A glorious carpet laid out on the woodland floor. Tread carefully on Gaia’s magical carpet!


It is time to leave now, and as we continue on our path, we take nothing but the wisdom of the woods…in which, paradoxically we have taken everything.


Bright Blessings




About Eily Nash & Angel 🐾

As well as being Mum & Wifey & Writer, I am also Grannie to a West Highland Terrier, Angel. Her name is a misnomer. She is sassy, cute and fun but absolutely no Angel. She also happens to write books too! When fictional Angel achieves sudden fame, her diva dog ways get out of hand and life becomes very ‘It’s complicated’. Trusty sidekick and human, Grannie, tries in vain to contain all the mayhem caused by Angel’s mischief making and canine chaos, whilst Angel muses on love, luxury and important matters like herself! My paranormal fiction reflects my deep passion for the numinous realms. I love myth and mystery and magical things, and journeys to that place where the veil between worlds is gossamer thin...
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  1. JohnRH says:

    Beautiful! It just needs a Westie picture. I will check your other posts. I’m sure I can find some there. 🙂 of

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