Yellow Roses


Ohhh I so love yellow roses…I wish you could experience the gorgeous scent of these beauties growing in our English country garden this June 🙂


We have many beautiful flowers, plants, herbs and trees thanks to clever Mr Nash, his healing hands and green fingers. The roses are in the front garden, next to beds of lavender. As I leave the house, I am drawn to stop and bathe in their beauty, close my eyes and fill my senses with the sheer beauty that is a rose.


They bud, they bloom and are gone all too soon~ like a metaphor for life~ And I am reminded to be in an “attitude of gratitude” for life is precious and fragrant, and I thank God for many Blessings received and more to come for all those I hold dear in the sanctuary of my heart, for HE is good.

IMG_1939There are also red and orange roses in our garden, but yellow is my favourite. The colour represents for me Christ Light,  the Sun, the Solar Plexus Chakra, Warmth, Happiness, Zest for living, Friendship, Power and WellBeing.


~A colour I would choose to share with those I love and care for, my family and my friends and for you too~




About Eily Nash

With gossamer threads she works on her loom weaving rich tapestries of love, of life, and magical things...such is the art of the Word Weaver...
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