An Angel Calls

It is said that every soul that walks upon the earth has been assigned a Guardian Angel ~ there are times the Angel may walk beside that soul, there are times the Angel may carry that soul and then there are times the Angel may stand and weep…

Lilies~Gustav Pope

Lilies ~ Gustav Pope



Dusk had fallen. Dark clouds came scuttling across the sky chasing the night as it came riding ominously in from the West. The cavernous bedroom was dressed with heavy furniture of a bygone age. A huge mahogany bedstead, barely discernible in the gloom, rose as a dark island in a sea of grey shadows and an oak armoire and a Chiffonier lined one wall, adding to the dark, dancing shadows. A huge black Victorian cast iron fireplace, inset with tiles glazed with an elegant floral design took centre stage. It was too dark to appreciate the contrast of the beautiful pure white flowers, against the blackness of the empty hearth. Lilies for the departed soul now restored to innocence after death. The room was out of step with the modern world unfolding beyond its walls which were ornately patterned in shades of gold and teal. Heavy brocade curtains, slightly drawn, dressed the big Victorian bay window. Although slightly closed they admitted a pale sliver of moonlight to come creeping into the encircling gloom and illuminate the scene within the room.


Love that moves the Sun by Edward Burne-Jones

Love that moves the Sun ~Edward Burne-Jones

From the remote island of the big bed, a young child sat up, big hazel eyes wide open, scanning the room for an unknown yet threatening Presence. She drew the blankets tightly around her tiny body, tucking the edges under her tiny chin, framed by a mass of tumbling auburn ringlets. The warm woollen cloth seemed to provide a degree of safety and comfort. The big bulky frame of her Father lay beside the little girl. He was sleeping heavily, his stentorian snores reverberating around the room and chasing away the creeping silence. Shadows danced on the walls, intermittently thrown up by arbitrary moonlight. A gilded mirror hung above the fireplace and the child was mesmerised by the forms within its silvery depths. Were there phantasmagorical creatures living in the mirror, inhabitants of a world within worlds? Their numinous shapes hugely menacing to the child. A ray of capricious moonlight fell across the carpet, illuminating the languid, white, and crumpled shape of a naked body lying on its side. Comatose, the flaccid form slumped with an empty brandy bottle clutched in a lifeless hand. The little child was worried and a strangled sob escaped into the gloom. The Father stirred, and seeing his tiny daughter was wide-awake, urged her to snuggle down and sleep. She shook her head, soft auburn ringlets swaying around her little heart shaped face, her hazel eyes luminous and anxious. She enquired tentatively whether Mummy was cold, laying there on the floor. Why was Mummy on the floor yet again, and not snuggling up with them? Should Mummy get into bed too? Should they cover Mummy to keep her warm? Thinly veiling his feelings of revulsion and contempt, voice laden with disgust, the tired man reassured his tiny child that Mummy was fine. The floor was where she wanted to be, so they should leave her there and go back to dreamland. Then he rolled over and went back to sleep. The little girl burrowed under the covers, and lay down with her tiny nose snuggling into her Daddy’s warm body. Mummy was fine, Daddy knew best. Her worries alleviated, she slept the rest of the night comforted by the deep sleep of the innocent…In her dreams, the child called for an Angel, an Angel of Love and Light, and the Angel hearing her call, came.

(c) William Morris Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

(c) The Angel of Peace~ William Morris Gallery

Suddenly, a luminous golden glow bathed the room and the Angel stepped out of the light with her arms outstretched. She held a gossamer blanket, woven from the light of the stars from the heavens above, and gently she wrapped the child’s Mother in love and light and tenderness. For the Angel knew, just as the child knew, that the woman bound by addictions and barricaded into her own pain was still a beloved child of the Godhead, of Source and deserving of love and forgiveness and understanding. The Angel prayed a quiet benediction over the child and her Mother and the man who had long forgotten the truth, as he slept in his warm bed whilst his wife and Mother of his child lay on the cold floor. A fragrant blend of frankincense and Lilies filled the room. The sour smell of stale alcohol that had pervaded the air now dissipated. The man did not smell the fragrant perfume purifying the woman nor did he see the blanket of stars that wrapped her. He did not see the Angel of Light that tended to his wife as the Celestial Being tried to remove the demons of addiction from her. He did not see the tender white Lily the Angel placed in the woman’s hand as she took away the empty bottle. He did not see these things, for he too was enslaved by his own addictions.

And so the Angel stood and wept silent tears for the man and the woman who could not see, as their child Ellis could, the Presence of Angels.



Thank you for reading the prologue from my book “Wychwood~Winter’s Child”





About Eily Nash & Angel 🐾

As well as being Mum & Wifey & Writer, I am also Grannie to a West Highland Terrier, Angel. Her name is a misnomer. She is sassy, cute and fun but absolutely no Angel. She also happens to write books too! When fictional Angel achieves sudden fame, her diva dog ways get out of hand and life becomes very ‘It’s complicated’. Trusty sidekick and human, Grannie, tries in vain to contain all the mayhem caused by Angel’s mischief making and canine chaos, whilst Angel muses on love, luxury and important matters like herself! My paranormal fiction reflects my deep passion for the numinous realms. I love myth and mystery and magical things, and journeys to that place where the veil between worlds is gossamer thin...
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