Children’s Fiction

Bedtime stories were always a time of magic and enchantment for my children and their imaginations took flight as we made up many amazing tales. My lovely boy, Ryan collaborated on our  cute children’s books. We thoroughly enjoyed writing these warm hearted, engaging stories where fears were faced, adversaries overcome, adventures had and forever friendships forged. I am very proud of my young co-author!Ryan is a very kind and caring person. He loves animals, especially dogs.

He also loves his  sister,Jennifer. Our beautiful girl is all grown up now but at one time she was very scared of dogs until she got her very own! So Ryan and I created  ‘Poppy Paws & Patch’ and the sequel ‘Puppy Paws’ to show that fears can be faced and overcome, that friendships can come in different forms and that bonds of love are unbreakable and dreams really can come true. Ryan totally surprised his sister by starring her as the inspiration for  our heroine ‘Jenna’.



Beautiful Jennifer, the fictional Jenna




Pawsome Authors and B.F.F’s ~ Ryan and Angel!


All our books are available from Amazon as Kindle or Paperback versions, and from Barnes & Noble as paperbacks.

We hope you enjoy reading them just as much as we did writing them 🙂

71R+Yr2CHuL._SL1500_ 71SJcnlAuHL._SL1500_ Maz_the_Marvellous_M_Cover_for_Kindle

For our book, ‘Maz the Marvellous Mouse’, our inspiring message was that no matter how tough life can be to just keep believing in yourself. To keep going, keep positive and work to overcome hardships and obstacles. With a positive attitude then nothing is impossible! Our tiny heroine, Maz,  does just that when she embarks on a perilous adventure to track down her runaway Mama. Her journey takes her as a little Mouseling from the safety of the old farm barn she calls home in rural Somerset, to the bright lights of London Town, across the Atlantic in a Steam Ship to New York City and all the way home again, to be feted by Royalty as ‘Maz the Marvellous!’ Does she find her vain and wayward Mama? As our story ends brave little Maz proves that  ultimately, Love really does conquer All.

Ryan and I are so happy to have received some lovely reviews.Thank you to our Amazon readers in the U.K and the U.S.A, we hugely appreciate your generosity 🙂

“A very good book I think it has a lot of detail about friendship and animals and it shows how a bad dog can become a good one..”

“… I love this as there is always an adventure to be had with Poppy Paws, I would love my very own Poppy Paws.”

“I loved it it’s the best book ever you should all read it I can relate to Jenna. I LOVE ANIMALS”

“I really liked this story and read it in one sitting…..”

“I’m done.It was great. It was a happy ending…”

“…when the books are as wonderful as Eily and Ryan Nash’s books, they are lovely!”

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