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About The Boy

Angel is a diva dog who has it all, beauty, fame and a luxurious uptown life in Manhattan with her doting Grannie and Butler James attending to all her copious ‘want, need, nows!’. What more could a girl want? When … Continue reading

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Written in the Stars

  Come to me, my own True Love I will show you wonders above Behold! Diamonds of Celestial Light Cast upon a blanket of darkest night A story of Love begins to unfold An ancient tale once more told For … Continue reading

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Wine of Desire

By the light of a fire burning bright The Lady sought love in the night Desire ignited within her dark eyes She went to him with innocent guise In his chamber her Lord did wait With his black heart full … Continue reading

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The Lost Princess

Once upon a Time, (as all self-respecting fairy tales start), a beautiful Princess named Rowena was trying to find her way through the forest. She thought she had become lost, and she panicked to be alone so far from home. … Continue reading

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